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New articles

Up first, we examined how to rebalance your portfolio to suit various economic regimes, allowing you to enhance your returns and minimize your risks.

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We also looked at the different kinds of love that one experiences in their life, as well as how love contributes towards happiness.

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Finally, we reviewed our favorite international broker, Interactive Brokers, including its pros and cons, as well as how to trade using it.

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Thoughts of the week

This week has been a taxing one for many people around the world, and 2020 has been turning out to not be a very kind year.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there are now protests in the United States due to the wrongful killing of George Floyd, sparking movements all around the world in a bid for equality.

It is saddening that in today's advanced society, we still have so many issues stemming from the basic nature of humanity. It is true - power corrupts.

Even so, I do believe that the good in this world definitely outweighs the bad, for it is the entire reason we have a functioning society, and is the reason why protests such as these can occur.

Beyond borders, wealth, color, race, gender and religion, we are all part of this shared spirit of humanity. Humanity is the only known intelligent life in the whole expanse of the Universe. We must treasure who are are.

While an individual's actions may seem small, it is not negligible. To someone close to you, it could be the most important thing someone has ever done towards them - for good or for bad - in their lives.

Make it a point to better yourself as an individual, and spread that goal to strive to be better to the people around you. Treat people better. Treat yourselves better.

In the grand scheme of things, we are all only human. If we don't take care of one another, then who, in the entire Universe, will?

Interesting things

On the brighter side, if you haven't yet checked out SpaceX and NASA's collaborative launch, you're missing out on some positive news.

This is the first manned spaceflight mission from America since the space shuttle program got scrapped sending humans to the International Space Station.

Beyond that, this represents perhaps the first collaboration between the public (government) and private (corporate) sector for spaceflight, opening up new opportunities and paving a new path for space travel.

After all, SpaceX is seeking to launch private space flights into space as early as 2021! Their end goal is a multi-planetary human civilization, spanning across the cosmos, which sounds like a pretty damn exciting dream to me.

The space industry will improve dramatically as this collaboration between the public and private sector opens up, with the public side supplying funding, and the private side being able to move quickly thanks to less bureaucracy.

These are exciting times. Who knows if we will be able to travel in space and meet other civilizations in our lifetime?

Check out the launch sequence in the video below of Bob and Doug being sent to the International Space Station!

That's all we have for this week. Remember to stay safe because the coronavirus pandemic isn't quite over yet. See you next week!

PS: Check out our stock analysis checklist if you haven't already! It's a condensed version of things to look out for to see if a stock is good or not.

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